Spice Grinder vs Coffee Grinder – Which Is Better? 

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For those of us who love cooking or grinding our own spices and coffee, we know that having the right grinder is essential. Do you really need to invest in two separate grinders — one for coffee beans and one for spices? This question has been a popular topic of discussion lately, with people seeking out more information on the differences between spice grinder vs coffee grinder. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both types of grinders so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your needs.

We’ll discuss key features like size, capacity, grinding quality, speed control options, as well as any other benefits that come from using either device, all while helping you evaluate which tool might be better suited to your lifestyle.

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Spice Grinder vs Coffee Grinder – How Are They Different?


Coffee Grinder Has Larger Size
Coffee Grinder Has Larger Size Than The Spice Grinder

Coffee grinders tend to be bigger and heavier than spice grinders. This is mainly because coffee beans are tougher and require a more powerful motor to grind them into fine particles. Spice grinders are smaller, lighter, and have sharper blades for grinding softer spices like cinnamon, pepper, or cardamom.


Coffee grinders are usually equipped with blades that are specifically designed to cut through coffee beans, ensuring a consistent and flavorful grind. Spice grinders are tailored to have blades that excel in grinding various spices, catering to the unique textures and flavors of different spices like cinnamon sticks or nutmeg.

While coffee grinders may be less effective in grinding harder spices, spice grinders offer the advantage of being able to tackle these tougher ingredients with ease. Additionally, spice grinders also shine in their ability to handle very small quantities, allowing you to effortlessly create freshly ground spice blends bursting with aromatic and vibrant flavors.

Grinding Consistency

Spice Grinder Product Less Consistent Grinding Level
Spice Grinder Product Less Consistent Grinding Level

One of the key factors that differentiates a spice grinder from a coffee grinder is the consistency of the grind. Coffee grinders, especially those with conical burrs, produce a very uniform grind size, ensuring optimal extraction when brewing coffee. This is crucial for coffee lovers as the consistency in grind size directly impacts the taste and aroma of the brewed coffee.

Spice grinders, however, are not as consistent. They can produce both fine and coarse particles in the same batch, depending on the type of spice being ground. Despite this lack of uniformity, this inconsistency does not detract from the flavor of the spices; in fact, it often enhances the taste, releasing more fragrance and flavor during cooking.

Noise and Speed Control

Another aspect to consider when choosing between a spice grinder and a coffee grinder is the amount of noise they produce. Coffee grinders are known for being quite loud, especially those with powerful motors. Spice grinders, on the other hand, have less powerful motors and tend to be quieter in operation.

In terms of speed control, most coffee grinders offer various settings to adjust the speed and coarseness of the grind, allowing you to customize your coffee experience. Some spice grinders also offer speed control options but not as extensively as coffee grinders. This may be a deciding factor for those who value versatility in their grinding devices.

Price Range

Coffee grinders tend to be more expensive than spice grinders due to their larger size and more powerful motors. However, there are high-end spice grinders that can match the price point of some mid-range coffee grinders. It ultimately depends on your budget and how often you plan on using your grinder.

Bean Retention

One of the main concerns with coffee grinders is bean retention, which refers to the amount of beans that get stuck in the grinding chamber and cannot be easily accessed. This can result in stale grounds being mixed in with fresh ones, affecting the quality of your coffee. Spice grinders, on the other hand, do not have this issue as they are designed to handle smaller quantities of spices.

Verdict: What Should You Choose?

Both machines come with different features and benefits to cater to different needs. If you’re a coffee enthusiast who values consistency in grind size and enjoys experimenting with different brewing methods, then investing in a good quality coffee grinder is a must.

However, if you’re someone who loves cooking with freshly ground spices and needs the ability to handle small quantities, then a spice grinder may be the better option for you.

Tip To Maintain Spice And Coffee Grinders?

To ensure your grinder lasts longer, it’s important to clean and maintain it regularly. For coffee grinders, it’s recommended to disassemble the machine and clean all parts after every use. You can use specially designed cleaning pellets or grind rice to remove any lingering oils from coffee beans. To do this, grind a handful of rice in the grinder until it turns to a powder-like consistency.

For spice grinders, clean the blades and chambers with a brush or cloth after use to remove any traces of spices. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the blades and exterior of the grinder.


Spice grinder vs coffee grinder may look similar, but they each have their unique features and capabilities that make them suitable for different purposes. Each machine has its pros and cons, so it’s important to consider your needs and usage before making a decision.


Can You The Spices in a Coffee Grinder?

Yes, you can grind spices in a coffee grinder. However, it’s not recommended as it may affect the flavor of your coffee due to cross-contamination.

Can You Grind Coffee In A Spice Grinder?

Yes, you can grind coffee in a spice grinder. Just make sure to clean the grinder before thoroughly and after use to avoid any cross-contamination of flavors.

Can You Use A Coffee Grinder For Other Purposes?

Coffee grinders can also be used to grind other ingredients such as nuts, grains, or herbs. Just make sure to clean the grinder thoroughly before and after use to prevent any lingering flavors.

Can You Use a Mortar And Pestle Instead Of A Grinder?

Yes, a mortar and pestle can be used to grind both spices and coffee beans. It may take longer and require more effort, but it can still produce a consistent grind if done properly. However, for those who want convenience and efficiency, investing in a dedicated spice or coffee grinder may be the better option.

Is It Better To Grind Spices Fresh or Buy Pre-Ground?

It is better to grind spices fresh as this preserves the flavor and aroma of the spices. Pre-ground spices may have lost some of their potency over time. Plus, grinding your spices allows you to create custom blends and experiment with different flavors in your cooking.

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